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JIGSAW™ Web delivery - ActiveX® Components

JWeb screen

Jigsaw Platform is available as a Web-based package, where the front-end ActiveX components are embedded in a browser application such as MS Internet Explorer. This configuration is suitable for providing low-cost, thin client solutions, distributed over a VPN or public Internet.

Jigsaw display components can be used within any ActiveX-compatible web browser. Data servers operate locally on the client PC, where they receive data directly from the corresponding data centre, where it is cached and distributed by MarketCast™ Server (or other infrastructure). The architecture and internal protocol supports connections via proxy servers and HTTP tunnelling for exchanging messages with clients connected via firewalls.

MarketChartThe style of the front-end display can be designed using html scripting to provide a customised user interface.

Jigsaw’s advanced charting software, MarketChart, is available as a web-based package, suitable for enhancing financial product websites with professional level charts.

MarketChart combines an elegant and intuitive user interface with rich charting functionality. With numerous chart types, drawing tools and technical studies, MarketChart is powerful but lightweight , and can chart every tick.

Jigsaw display components are available separately or as part of a bundled solution.

We can provide thin-client solutions based on a variety of industry-standard application delivery products, such as Windows® Terminal Server, Citrix® XenApp (formerly MetaFrame) and 2X. Others are available on request.

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