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JIGSAW™ Product Features

Jigsaw display application and components are fully customisable, so that the user interface can be set up according to the user's needs. Colours, fonts, hot buttons, all the look-and-feel features can be set up to match corporate style. The application workspace displays a list of saved documents (layouts) and pre-defined data services for quick access. Instrument alias codes can be set up and shared between users. Data access is managed according to individual requirements, and different user groups can be permissioned for different data content.

The Jigsaw infrastructure itself is configurable, the front-end components can be integrated with other compatible ActiveX® controls. The data servers can be changed to switch to a different source without impacting the display.

The servers supplying data to Jigsaw display controls can be replicated across the network to provide redundancy in the case of single system failure, simply by configuring alternative data sources from the user application. If connection to the primary source is lost then it will automatically attempt to connect to the next alternative source defined.

Central servers can also be installed as master servers, so that individual users can restore historical data in the event that their PC is switched off or suffers a failure.

By allowing organizations to make incremental changes to their data content without completely upgrading the software and user interface, Jigsaw can bring about significant cost savings with regard to software implementation, testing and user training.

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