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JigsawMobile provides a suite of robust, secure solutions for delivering real-time data and trading in the financial markets on smartphones and feature phones.

JigsawMobile front-end applications are available for Apple™ iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) and Google Android™ platforms, and have been introduced for all major phones carriers in Japan.

Web-based versions are also available, which can be operated on any browser-enabled mobile device. For AJAX-enabled browsers the web version can be configured to provide real-time updates using data streaming.

Professional level charts include technical indicators and interactive functions for scrolling and zooming charts to examine chart data.

Our mobile solutions incorporate our proprietary scripting engine, which enables charting components to display custom technical indicators and strategies. The server-based push mechanism utilises Apple Push Notification Services and Google Firebase Messaging infrastructure to alert users about trade signals and other events even when application is not running.

JigsawMobile server infrastructure can be customised to connect to data sources, such as broker-sourced rates or vendor datafeed. It maintains permanent sessions with each mobile handset, and can distinguish individual users and phone models. Data traffic has been minimised through the design of efficient transfer protocols, and use of SSL provides secure transmission for real-time trading.

As with Jigsaw Platform, the data content and delivery mechanism of JigsawMobile are completely independent, allowing products to be developed for different data providers. JigsawMobile technology is mature and reliable, and has been operational since 2005. Some of our solutions for corporate clients are listed on our product news page.

Please contact us if you would like to know more. We can also offer technical advice on mobile product deployment in Japan.

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