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 Price alerts in StockWeather app
StockWeather.com, Inc with Orchid Technology have released a new version of iOS application implementing price alerts. Alerts function in StockWeather app is based on JigsawMobile technology with server-side stock price monitoring engine to provide real-time push notifications triggered when price, price change/percent or volume hit user-defined limit.

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StockWeather app

 Pan Rolling Custom Chart
Pan Rolling, Inc. has released [Custom Chart] iOS/Android application.
Developed by Orchid Technology, the application provides premium charting functionality with advanced technical analysis, access to wide range of financial data and ability to display custom technical indicators, strategies and trading signals.
Data is provided by Saxo Bank Securities Ltd.
Pan Rolling has been established in 1991 and specializes in development and sale of computer software, information services translations, publications, e-commerce services (books, DVDs, video tapes, software, etc) for individual traders.
Saxo Bank Securities Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Saxo Bank A/S and is a part of Saxo Group.

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PanRolling app

JIJI Press Ltd. has released an HTML5 version of its flagship NX-WEB and MAIN J Web services.
Using Jigsaw Platform HTML5 Update, the applications deliver a powerful mix of real-time stock and other market data, company news, reports, quote lists, stock search, portfolio, etc. Data is delivered by either real-time streaming or automatic poll updates.
JIJI Press provides essential news coverage for Japanese markets, along with comprehensive market data including stocks, FX rates, commodity prices and key global financial data. NX-WEB and MAIN J are professional web-based applications.


 Jigsaw Charts in HTML5
Orchid Technology has developed an HTML5 version of its charting component. Based on canvas element, MarketChart.HTML5 allows for dynamic rendering of advanced charts and indicators. It provides a powerful tool for integrating charting functionality into online market data displays and trading applications.
HTML5 version of Jigsaw Charts is available for all modern browsers with canvas support (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc) and can be customised for use on PC, tablets or smartphones.


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