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Data Servers

In addition to producing price feed handlers for a regional securities markets, we also offer a range of value-added data servers to meet specific client demands. The following servers can be adapted to specific platforms and environments.

MarketCast™ Server
Provides reliable distribution of real-time data over IP networks, using caching and buffering techniques to guarantee delivery. Suitable for unreliable or slow networks (such as Internet), and configurable in cascading structure for scalability to large client base. Supports a variety of distribution platforms, such as Refinitiv Data Platform or TIBCO Rendezvous®, and can be configured for various data sources - Refinitiv, Jiji Press, Stockweather etc. Can run in real-time, delay or record/playback modes.
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Time Series Cache Server
Fully configurable real-time data base storage system that provides access to historical tick data collected from various data vendors. Supports multiple data delivery platforms.
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VWAP Server
Retrieves VWAP data from Bloomberg BBCOMM feed and publishes to Refinitiv Data Platform or TIBCO Rendezvous® platform.
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Collects real-time order book data from TSE FLEX Full Market Information system and provides open access to cached information via MarketCast API.
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