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Data Servers - FLEX ITA Server

FLEX ITA Server is a cache server that connects to Tokyo Stock Exchange FLEX Full Market Information system and collects real-time order book information for all instruments published by TSE (stocks/CBs from Tokyo and Nagoya stock exchanges, stocks from TOKYO AIM, Fukuoka and Sapporo stock exchanges). Utilizing JASMIN libraries and MarketCast caching technologies it is designed to provide clients with bid/ask data for individual price levels as well as full order book images. FLEX ITA Server supports both real-time subscription and snapshot requests. Cached order book data can be displayed using special Order Book Viewer application. Other applications can retrieve the data using MarketCast Server API. FLEX ITA Server collects following market book information:

  • Current price: last traded price, flags (suspension, halt, closing)
  • Trading volume: cumulative trading volume for the trading day
  • Turnover: cumulative turnover for the trading day
  • Bid/Ask quotes: quote price, size, number of orders, flags (special quote, matching sign, middle of the book)
  • Best Bid/Ask quotes: best bid/ask quote information or middle of the book
  • Buy/Sell closing orders: buy/sell orders effective only during closing auction
Order Book Viewer

FLEX ITA Server can be configured to publish bid/ask sides of order book either as a separate set of fields or merged by price levels. The server is available for Sun Solaris, Linux and Microsoft Windows® operating systems.

Windows is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. FLEX ITA Server requires a connection to FLEX Full market information system from Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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