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TSE Arrowhead Connectivity Trading Simulators

JASMIN™ - JApanese Securities Market INterface

Orchid Technology specialises in producing high-speed, low latency, reliable connectivity software to connect electronic trading systems to the Japanese exchanges and proprietary trading systems (PTS). The software is provided in the form of C++ libraries which can be easily integrated to a trading system. JASMIN software takes care of the detailed data format of the exchange protocol, as well as the complexities of connection, to present the integration developer with data content in a user-friendly format. We can provide connectivity libraries for electronic trading on the following exchanges:

Tokyo Stock Exchange
(Arrowhead, with FLEX Full/Standard)
Equities, Stock Options
Bonds - Futures & Options, CBs
Index Futures & Options
Osaka Securities Exchange
(OSE, including JASDAQ stocks)
Stocks, ETF, REIT, Investment Securities, CB, Covered Warrants
SBI Japannext PTS
(J-Market, X-Market - market data only)
Stocks, ETF, REIT
Chi-X Japan PTS
(CTS - Market Data Feed)
Stocks, ETF

In addition to the above list we have worked with TOCOM, TFX and KSE(KOSCOM) exchanges in Japan and Korea, and could use our experience to provide connectivity solutions for other exchanges in a relatively short timeframe.

FIX trading gateway
If your trading system supports a standard FIX connection for order processing then we can provide the JASMIN product in the form of a trading gateway which communicates with the trading system using FIX protocol.

Real-time Price Feed Handlers
We can provide price feed servers to take real-time quotes and execution data directly from the exchange, or from a data vendor feed such as Refinitiv or Bloomberg. We have substantial experience in publishing financial data on a variety of platforms, including Refinitiv Data Platform and TIBCO Rendezvous®, as well as FIX. We can also offer bespoke solutions tailored specifically to your needs.

Exchange Simulators (test & training facility)
Our JASMIN trading simulators are a convenient tool for simulating a live trading environment on your in-house network. Valuable during system implementation or upgrades, to shorten development test time, and to provide a suitable environment for prototyping new user functions or interface. Novice traders can also make use of this facility before trading on the live exchange.

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