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TSE Arrowhead Connectivity Trading Simulators

JASMIN™ - Trading Simulators

Our trading simulators are a low-cost convenient tool for providing simulated trading on your in-house trading system. These applications use the exchange message protocol, and therefore can be hooked up to any trading system, and can be configured to provide a variety of results for creating different trading scenarios.

The simulators were originally developed to reduce the time taken for testing the order flow from the trading system to the exchange, during new system installations and upgrades. In Japan most exchanges provide a limited number of test sessions on weekends or holidays, so the simulator allows development staff to test during normal working hours.  

New traders can use also these facilities to become familiar with their trading software before trading on the exchanges, and experienced traders can check out new front-end functionality or prototypes in a realistic environment prior to system release.

Exchange simulators are available for all exchanges supported by JASMIN™ libraries.

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