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Mobile Solutions - consultancy and technical advice

Why talk to us?
At Orchid Technology we have been at the forefront of providing high-performance real-time applications for mobile devices since 2005. We have worked with financial information vendors, brokerage firms and forex dealers to extend their product offerings from PC-based services to mobile products.

With an in-depth knowledge of deploying mobile services on the major phone carriers in Japan we can advise on the impact of rolling out a mobile product to a wide user base, in terms of project activities and timescales, and support strategies.

What we can offer:
Our mobile products include trading solutions for forex and stocks, with portfolio and position monitoring functionality, which communicate via a customised trading gateway for order entry and execution flow. This technology could be used in other industries where there is a requirement to supply accurate real-time data to a mobile device and allow the user to interact with the data to achieve the desired result.

Why JigsawMobile?
Our JigsawMobile platform of servers, front-end applications and web-based solutions has been designed with flexibility in mind, so that it can be adapted to suit different data sources and front-end functionality, to facilitate the rapid roll-out of new products. As an independent software vendor we are not tied to any particular data provider, and can offer advice on sourcing local data too.

Our proprietary scripting engine has been developed specifically to allow charting components to display custom indicators and strategies and offers a number of important advantages:

  • the ability to implement your own technical indicators in a short timeframe
  • the scripts can be stored on server and downloaded by client's application based on permissions or other criteria
  • capability on the server side to notify user about trade signals and other events without application running.

International co-operation:
We have also assisted overseas companies to launch their own mobile products in Japan, where there was a requirement to test existing Java front-ends on Japanese handsets and offer guidance on the deployment mechanisms for each carrier.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss any requirements for launching a mobile product in Japan.

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