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JIGSAW Components - Display Controls

Jigsaw™ Display Controls provide a variety of formats in which to display real-time data. Each control can be fully customised by adjusting the control properties to present the information in the required layout (such as colours and fonts), and to select the appropriate source of data.

Jigsaw’s proprietary linking mechanism allows data to be dragged and dropped between display controls (using pop-up or fixed windows) or between a Jigsaw control and Microsoft Excel, or other ActiveX compatible application. The main Jigsaw controls are listed here, if you require further information, please contact:

Quote Display News Headline Charts Ticker Display Trading Controls
Quote List News Story Historical Data Limit Minder Event Logger

Quote Display Quote Display Relevant details for a single stock instrument are displayed using a pre-defined template which is supplied with the software. Jigsaw supports Reuters-style display templates, available as separate templates for English and Japanese layouts. If custom templates are required these can be provided as a separate service.

Page Display (IDB) Quote Display (page data) Ability to display ANSI pages for a specific set of Inter Dealer Broker data is available on request. User functionality for this data includes cropping to display a portion of the page.

QuoteList Quote List A spreadsheet display that allows the user to select which attributes to display for a list of instruments. The name by which the user refers to the attribute is fully customisable, and key attributes can be quickly selected from a drop-down list in the control properties window.

News Headline News Headlines Real-time news headlines retrieved from the news server are displayed in scrolling mode in this control. The news content can be filtered using pre-defined categories (baskets), and the control properties also provide a number of search functions to further refine the filtering. Languages can also be filtered, with Japanese, Korean, European and Chinese languages (including simplified and traditional) all fully supported.

The Jigsaw News Server can be configured to source data from Reuters, Jiji or other news vendors, and has the ability to cache news data over a period of time in order to provide historical news information.

News Story News Story News stories are available in the same variety of languages, and this control presents the news story along with its associated headline. In some cases news stories consist of successive "takes" when the journalist adds more content to the story. The Jigsaw control allows for this, and automatically updates the story control accordingly. A fixed font is available for this control (as required for tabulated data) as well as the list of true type scalable fonts.

Charts Charts Charting functions are presented within Jigsaw using MarketChart control. A comprehensive set of studies and tools are available, and these can be accessed using the Jigsaw control properties. For more information on the MarketChart capabilities see Jigsaw Charts page.

Historical Data Historical Viewer Historical data plotted in the chart can also be presented in tabulated format.

Ticker Display Ticker This control displays updates to a pre-selected list of instruments by scrolling across the window. Various parameters, such as direction and speed of scroll, can be adjusted using the control properties.

Limit Minder Limit Minder This facility warns the user whenever pre-defined price limits are achieved with associated real-time data. It also records these events, and can display a history of broken limits in the form of a table or chart.

Trading Controls Order Entry Jigsaw trading controls can be built to meet customer's exact requirements, and then integrated with standard Jigsaw display controls, to manage the flow of orders and executions data for electronic trading. These consist of order entry, order list, and market message controls, which interact with an appropriate gateway (such as FIX, or exchange gateway).

Events Logger Events Window This control displays system-related information or warnings about related activities. An optional Message window is also available for clients who wish to publish other kinds of messages (perhaps product-related) to their users.
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